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More than 75 billion dollars has been allocated to Bank of America with the broad focus being on stimulating the economy by way of helping B of A account holders who are struggling with their debts. Bank of America has been very responsive to assistance programs and eager to settle debts for qualified individuals at just a fraction of original account balances. Bank of
America has shown to be very eager to settle accounts as soon as possible with the deepest discounts to individuals able to commit to a short term repayment plan.

10/17/12 - CitiBank receives it's largest allocation of TARP funds.
CitiBank, Citi Finance and the vast array of Citi affiliated retail card services such as Home Depot will be expected to address and provide even greater aide to struggling and qualified account holders. Average settlements within the Citi family of services have ranged between 13% to 45% of the original account balance - depending on many variable factors including the financial status of the individual account holder.

02/29/13 - The latest wave of 15.7% credit card settlements continues throughout the month.
A large part of this continued success and support for consumer financial assistance is due in part to the current economic condition of the nation as well as the governments stimulus efforts and infusion of money to creditors.

03/29/12 -JP Morgan Chase as well as American Express receive billions in TARP funds in order to aide their struggling account holders.

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Our research is dedicated to keeping us on the cutting edge in order to ensure that we provide the most up to date and effective debt relief programs. We only provide ethical solutions!

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relief programs

Assistance for UNSECURED DEBTS.

These Debts include all types of Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Collections, Repossessed Vehicles, and other qualified accounts. READ MORE>>>

We view Bankruptcy and/or aggressive Debt Negotiation as a last resort and only recommended for those in serious need. A Certified Credit Counseling or Debt Management plan may be a more suitable debt relief option for those able to afford the higher monthly payment that may be required.


Assistance for homeowners.

These programs included Home Saver programs for homeowner's up to 8 months behind on their mortgage loan payments. READ MORE>>>

In an effort to protect consumers we only recommend programs that offer for any fees to be paid after completion. No "advanced fees".

We also offer counseling and written materials to those who wish to work with their mortgage lender directly, versus retaining the services of a mediator. We highly recommend this approach to anyone who feels as though they are up to the challenge. *ask a HOPE Counselor for more information.

*Assistance for homeowners also includes refinance and debt consolidation options including but not limited to FHA financing.

*Home Financing options are generally for homeowner's who have maintained a qualifying credit profile as well as other qualifying factors such as a favorable debt to income ratio.

The HOPE Financial Help Center or any Affiliates of do not assume or pay any debt, nor do they give legal advice, directly offer credit repair. Individual results vary and are dependent on successful completion of program.