what we do

We offer our professional expertise to families who are trying to get ahead but realize they may need a helping hand and direction.

When it comes to eliminating debt there is no "pain free" way of doing it. You want to eliminate the debt in the SHORTEST amount of time with the BEST results and the LEAST amount of money and that's what our solutions have to offer.

  • Debt Freedom
  • A Stable Home
  • Peace of MInd


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a few words about us

"We must all remember that money is not our identity, it is not who we are. Money alone does not make us happy, sad, successful or unsuccessful in life. But we gain our fulfillment in life through serving and honoring a higher purpose." - A message from the President of HOPE.

HOPE Financial Help Center is a "faith based" financial education, resource and counseling center. Our promise is to keep your best interests in mind, to be a guiding light for you in all stress causing financial matters and to provide you an ethical and moral way of handling your debts with the least amount of worry and money out of your pocket.

Over the years we have researched, studied and developed tools and strategies to be used by today's consumer and have found solutions and answers to debt problems suffered by millions of people nationwide. We wish to share our experiences, resources and tools with you.

Our Work team and partners

Our Financial Counselors, employees and partners make us who we are. They are our image, they hold our light for the world to see. Therefore, we understand the utmost importance of employing and partnering with only the most stand up, straightforward, honest and ethical individuals, law firms. organizations and companies. If we place our stamp of approval on a particular program or reputation of a law firm, organization or company - you can rest assured that we feel comfortable in doing so.